We've added Doxygen documentation to the DNX project. During initial development, we added only file headers, and the DNX todo list. As we continue development on the source code, we'll be adding function headers with parameter and return value documentation, plus some module and general design documentation, as well.


If you're reading the DNX Doxygen docs in order to get a handle on the DNX source code, we recommend starting with the DNX Modules link at the top of the navigation bar on the left side of the main DNX Doxygen page. The Doxygen source code has been divided into logical sections based on each module's role in the code base.

We also recommend looking over the DNX Master design document, which we've published here in PDF format. This diagramatic overview will help you gain a solid understanding of the interaction of the various modules in the DNX code base.


If you would like to contribute documentation to the DNX project and have some basic coding skills in the C language, please feel free to download the latest version of Doxygen from the Doxygen project web site and install it on your Windows or Linux host.

Then navigate to the Contributing page to find out how to use Subversion to access the Subversion source code repository on the DNX project site.

Once you've checked out a working copy from the repository, then read the dnx/doc/readme.txt file to learn about how the DNX project integrates Doxygen documentation, and how you can help!

Doxygen documentation is a great way to help developers coming on board with an existing open source project to quickly gain a solid understanding of the project source code. Contributing to project documentation in this manner is an invaluable service to the project.



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